Welcome to Emergy Pilates Moves (Rushcutters Bay), sister studio of Pilates Moves (Double Bay) founded by Helen Tardent in 2001 as Australia’s first group Reformer studio, offering personal attention & excellence in all forms of Pilates, Barre & AntiGravity.

What’s Pilates?

Developed in the 1920’s by the legendary physical trainer, Joseph H. Pilates, the Pilates Method is a set of principles & movements designed to dramatically improve your strength, flexibility, posture & coordination. Pilates combines awareness of the spine, proper breathing, strength & flexibility training to achieve slimmer, longer, stronger muscles without building bulk.

Our Pilates classes are a comprehensive exercise routine lasting 55-minutes. An instructor will take you through a series of exercises & movements with an emphasis on your core. At times you will have to work slowly so that you can feel what you’re doing. Getting in touch & feeling the muscle or joint you’re exercising is very important. The movements may be unlike anything you’ve done before & the results can be astonishing.

In addition to Pilates Private, Shared Private & Semi-private sessions, Emergy Pilates Moves also offers Pre & Post Natal Circuits, Studio Circuit Classes, Group Reformer Classes, Matwork Classes, Pilates on the Ball Classes, Barre Classes & AntiGravity Classes. These 55-minute classes incorporate all the principles & movements of the Pilates workout.

What you can expect physically will be a total change in your body. Your posture will improve, your stomach & buttocks will become more toned, your legs & arms will be leaner & your energy levels will dramatically improve as well.

We recommend you plan to workout 2-3 times per week to achieve your goals.


“In ten classes you will feel the difference,

in twenty sessions you will see the difference,

and in thirty classes you will have a whole new body”

Joseph Pilates